• communication is key

Communication — It’s All About Learning — Part 7

Communication is hard...I'd rather be alone … Learning styles have a lot of influence on the way people consume messages.  They also change the way individuals recall information, and even the words they choose. The Solitary (Intrapersonal) Learning Style If you have a solitary style, you are more private, introspective and independent. You can concentrate

  • fundraising ideas

FundRaising Ideas How to Create More Effective Campagins — Part 2

Fundraising Ideas – Letter, Webpage or Brochure  Now we need to consider our best fundraising ideas when we mail or put on line – you see – sales letters can also be very effective online.  Here are some things one must consider. Who am I speaking to?  A letter that motivates a smaller giver may

  • fundraising campaigns

FundRaising More Effective Campaigns! — Part 1

FundRaising More Effective Campaigns – Explained! We all have our favorite causes and it is important to keep them funded.  We have had some experience in this area and want to share some tips to making the most out of your budget. First of all keep in mind that fundraising must be strategic.  Identify the

  • color and emotions

Color My World — Color and Emotions

Color My World — Color and Emotions — How it Effects Your Message So what do colors mean specifically — how does color and emotions work together?  How do I know what color I should use for my company and my marketing in general?  Here are some suggestions as to what colors mean — look

What’s the Big Idea? Business Ideas, I mean Business Ideas!

What's the Big Idea? Business Ideas, I mean Business Ideas! Often times when we consult with clients we encounter individuals and businesses that have a business idea — a passion if you will to create or produce a product or a service.  Passion is a wonderful thing because it is often the catalyst to greatness.