Color My World — Color and Emotions — How it Effects Your Message

So what do colors mean specifically — how does color and emotions work together?  How do I know what color I should use for my company and my marketing in general?  Here are some suggestions as to what colors mean — look them over and put them into use.

Seeing red — is an action color!  It causes one to take action.  It is dynamic, stimulating and provocative.

Pretty in pink — this vivid often shocking color shares the same high energy as red however it is more youthful, sweet and spirited.

Orange you glad to see me  — also a high arousal color — orange is seen and friendly, happy and playful.

Mellow Yellow — it is the color of the sun and sunshine!  It is light and warmth.  Yellows are cheerful and energetic.

Brownies  — rich and flavorful!  Browns are earthy and organic.  They include various tones of tan, clay and even terracotta.  These down to earth colors are connected to stability and substance.

True Blue — cool and refreshing — blue is synonymous with serenity and calm.  This color is strongly associated with sky and water and is perceived as a constant in our lives.

Go Green! — Green is a refreshing and healing color.  It is associated with freshness, nature and life.  When you think green — think natural, soothing and being alive!

Passionate Purple — this hue can mean so many things depending on who is looking at it.  It is both sensual and spiritual — it contains the fire of red and the coolness of blue and can often conflict.  Purple can be regal, spiritual, elegant and mysterious — take your pick!

Let’s remain neutral — the tones of beige, gray and taupe send a psychological message of dependability.  You often associate these colors with quality, classic style and timelessness.

White haute! — White imparts purity and simplicity.  It is important to remember that the human eye sees white as a brilliant color and exudes clarity and cleanliness!

Black out? — Black is powerful, mysterious, strong, classic and elegant.  This dominant color is most closely associated with the mysteries of night.

Color is key to your marketing success.  Remember — it is says much about what you do and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace.