Fundraising Ideas – Letter, Webpage or Brochure 

Now we need to consider our best fundraising ideas when we mail or put on line – you see – sales letters can also be very effective online.  Here are some things one must consider.

Who am I speaking to? 

A letter that motivates a smaller giver may not motivate a large donor.  So – if you are planning a campaign to reach both – you may want to consider one that has different messages.  Generally speaking large donors need statistics while smaller donor appeals need to be more emotional.

For example a Chicago-area health organization targeted four patients who owe their good health to this organization: a baby, a young boy, a woman in her twenties and an elderly man.  The letter concluded: “Our primary concern for the past 80 years has been people, their lives and health.  I believe you share their concern.”  This emotional appeal got them a greater response then one that was rooted in statistics.

Premiums and Gifts

Another way to enhance response is to offer a useful or desirable premium or give away.  These can be small and put into the mailing like a booklet.  You can offer a premium for donors that make minimum donation.  The internet is a great tool for this as many items you can offer can be downloaded directly after the donation is made – such as an audio book.

Make sure the premium fits the organization.  Sometimes price is not the only consideration.  Just because something is cheap does not make it a good give-away.

Obligation devices increase response

When someone gets something for nothing they may feel obligated enough to contribute.  Think of items you can include in a mailing that will not only provide value but will encourage them to donate.

It pays to personalize

A personal salutation is more effective than “Dear Friend.”  Specific references make the prospect feel you recognize him as a person.  The more you can personalize the better your response.  This can be effectively done on conjunction with the internet and the use of PURLS

[Personal URLS] or QR Codes [Quick Response].  The prospect goes on line and enters there PURL and goes to a personalized web page or from their smart phone snaps a picture of the QR code and goes to the same place.  Once they are on their personalized web page – the sky is the limit!

These tips are a great way to check your initiative.  It covers some of the basics that all good fundraising should include.  Hopefully these will make your next fundraiser the best ever!