Fundraising Events and How to Make the Most Out of Yours!

When you fund-raise it is more important than ever to get the biggest bang for your buck!  Here is the third and final part of the series.

It pays to personalize

A personal salutation is more effective than “Dear Friend.”  Specific references make the prospect feel you recognize him as a person.  The more you can personalize the better your response.  This can be effectively done on conjunction with the internet and the use of PURLS

[Personal URLS] or QR Codes [Quick Response].  The prospect goes on line and enters there PURL and goes to a personalized web page or from their smart phone snaps a picture of the QR code and goes to the same place.  Once they are on their personalized web page – the sky is the limit!

Ask for a specific amount

Never leave the contribution amount up to the individual.  Specify how much you hope he will give.  You will be surprised how people will respond.  When dealing with past donors – remind them what they gave last time.

Keep your contributions involved in your cause

These are used very successfully by groups like museums where your annual contribution includes a membership to the museum you are contributing to.  Remember – it is important to keep in touch with members – a quarterly newsletter either online or hard copy is also effective and a great bonus.

Tell donors exactly what their dollars are buying

People tend to think in specifics.  Let them know exactly how their money is spent.  A good example of this is the Save the Children Foundation who for many years told donors that for fifty dollars you can provide meals for an entire school class.

Raffles and Sweepstakes

This old-fashioned technique can still get a response.  People love the chance to win something they might never buy themselves.  These items can be high-end too depending on the audience.

Keep it simple

Remember – make it easy to respond to your appeal.  This may include response envelopes, an easy-to-use website but for goodness sake don’t make it too difficult to respond because it will cost you in the end.

Create a sense of urgency

Make your offers good only until a certain date.  Set cut off dates for matching-funds or specific gifts.  You can even offer a bonus to gifts received before the deadline.

Acknowledge gifts promptly

Make sure that you thank givers in a prompt way.  Good fundraising demands it!  A thank you should be warm and personal and with appropriate humor.

Make giving fun

Fundraising events do not always have to be deadly serious.  It can be warm and fun!  Again – only if it is appropriate.

Now you have the tools!  Go out and make it happen!