FundRaising More Effective Campaigns – Explained!

We all have our favorite causes and it is important to keep them funded.  We have had some experience in this area and want to share some tips to making the most out of your budget.

First of all keep in mind that fundraising must be strategic.  Identify the objective, target audience and benefit.  It is important to get the prospects’ buy-in before they send you a check.  This initiative should also have the proper tone or personality of your appeal.

Below is an example.

Objective — to raise $35,000 for adding modern park equipment at our local park.

Target Audience — local residents, especially families with younger children who would immediately benefit from the facilities.

Benefit — creating a safe and fun place for children to play.  The upgrade also benefits the community by increasing their property values.

Support — for donations of $50 or more the family will have an engraved brick on a walkway that goes through the park.  This also makes a great gift or memorial for a loved one.

Tone — family-friendly and upbeat.

Check back next time for more tips on FUN Fundraising ideas!