Headlines can make or break your marketing!

Did you know that of those people that look at your marketing message whether it is a print ad, brochure, letter, website or blog post will read your headlines but only 25% will continue on to read the rest?  Well — it’s true!  So it is important to understand how to write a headline that will engage the prospect and make them into a customer!

What headlines should do is …

Be easy to read

Pay attention to the font you use.  Let’s say you are creating a billboard and you choose a font that is too small it can get lost in the shuffle — make sure you test it.  Longer headlines are easier to read if you use a serif font and not extra bold.  ALL CAPS work great for short pithy headlines but not as successful with ones that are longer in length.

Provide a benefit

Identify the key benefits to your product or service.  If you are selling a cure for hay fever suffers then be sure to include the words “Hay Fever Suffers” in the headline.  This will get the attention of people with hay fever!

Not exclude potential customers

It is important to remember not to exclude potential customers.  If you are marketing a product that can be used equally by men and women — don’t gear your headline to women alone.  This will scare men away and you will lose out on half of your potential customers.

Be concise

Be to the point and do not ramble on — it is confusing.  If your product or service has a clear benefit — say it!  Remember — you only have seconds to engage the reader and make them a customer!

Grab the attention of the reader

The headline is the key to driving people to read the rest of your message make sure it is relevant, easy to see, appeals to the audience’s self-interest, has a clear benefit, and you are on your way.