UI UX Design

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

Did you know — When it comes to User Interface Design, easy is king! Good UI Design will increase user productivity, decrease user errors, reduce training costs, extend the life of your software or web application, and reduce user support.  A well designed interface gives an organization a cost benefit ratio of $1:$100 — bottom line, it’s way cheaper to develop a solid user interface then going back to fix it after the software has already been released.

Bohringer Creative has the talent to design and implement an effective interface design that will enhance your business.  Our goal is to provide our clients with tools that will increase sales, decrease customer support costs, reduce training time, and be consistent with your brand values.  When building any structure you need to start with a solid foundation.  A well designed user interface or as the techies would say “UI” is that foundation.  Once we have a sound foundation we move onto the pretty stuff which would be your user experience or the “UX”.  Our goal is to ensure that the look and feel of the interface is consistent with your brand values.  Your software or web application interface would be rigorously tested right from the “get go” to make sure everything is in sync!

We Can:

  • Guide you through the UI UX design process
  • Rigorously test at all phases
  • Ensure your interface is consistent with your brand values
  • Add value to your business and save you money
  • Make things hum