Nothing Personal!

Why in the long run this will save your sanity and bring you success.

There are a few movie lines that I find memorable, and one of them is from the film “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s when Kathleen gets some business advice from Joe Fox after he built a big book store right down the street from her children’s book shop, consequently putting her out of business and saying “It wasn’t personal.”  She ain’t too happy with that news and responds by with “…all that means is that it wasn’t personal to you, but it was personal to me.”

There you have it — the quintessential entrepreneur!  Individuals of this unique breed are successful because they have taken it personally.  They have built a business based on their dream — it is their baby.  (And remember — nobody has an ugly baby!)

As an entrepreneur myself, I get it!  I have taken it personally, and there is good and bad with regard to that.  Or should I say there’s the good, the bad and the ugly!

The Good

Plain and simple: these folks love what they do for the most part and usually go the extra mile to make a better than average product or service.

The Bad

Because business owners are so invested with their product or service, they often do not look as objectively at potential opportunities as they should.

The Ugly

These folks have a difficult time taking recommendations because they feel that they are the subject matter expert and they know best.

The Answer

Keep in mind that this is not true in all cases but happens in a good many.  I have learned that it is often best to be a good listener — listen (really listen) to what the entrepreneur has to say and then provide recommendations.  Pitch it in a phased approach and this can be a win-win for you both!