Bullseye! How to define your target audience

Bullseye! How to define your target audience Ahhh! Finding the perfect customer. It is the million-dollar question — isn’t it? I was just at a business lunch with a dozen or so business owners and we were each asked to share what our target customer is and do you know what most of them said?

Is He Worth It? Understanding a Customer’s Value!

Figure out what a customer is worth to your business! This is an area of business that many entrepreneurs overlook but it is important when we think about marketing, budgeting or just about anything related to how your business works.  Here it is: What is each customer worth to you over his lifetime? You may

What’s your favorite position, um — positioning?

What’s your favorite position? When it comes to marketing your product or service positioning is key to outsmarting the competition! Few entrepreneurs think about positioning in when they hang up their shingle. Positioning is a vague and mysterious concept to many. Simply put — positioning is finding a hole or need in the market and

Benefits vs. Features Understanding the Difference

Benefits vs. Features and Understanding the Difference and the Role they Play Whenever you're starting any kind of marketing campaign understanding the customer is a key component.  Who are you reaching out to? What demographics are you trying to target and all that stuff.  Once you have those things figured out you need to think

  • It's Not Personal

Don’t Take it Personal!

 Nothing Personal! Why in the long run this will save your sanity and bring you success. There are a few movie lines that I find memorable, and one of them is from the film “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s when Kathleen gets some business advice from Joe Fox after he built a big book store right

  • communication is key

Communication — It’s All About Learning — Part 7

Communication is hard...I'd rather be alone … Learning styles have a lot of influence on the way people consume messages.  They also change the way individuals recall information, and even the words they choose. The Solitary (Intrapersonal) Learning Style If you have a solitary style, you are more private, introspective and independent. You can concentrate