Promote your Company to the Busy and Distracted

Here are more suggestions to help you promote your company and get your message noticed.  To get all the info make sure you check out last weeks post for some additional steps.  Hoping you find these suggestions enlightening!

Make Lemonade — turn your perceived problem into the solution.  Maybe you have a product that is an odd size or shape — that can be turned into your advantage.  Remember Listerine — the medicine taste has been turned into the positive attribute because it is better at fighting germs.

Common Sense — maybe your product or service makes sense.  Like sunblock for example — it makes sense to use it and why not buy the one that offers the best protection.

Comparison — you can compare one product or service against another.  Remember — Pepsi vs. Coke?  Or you can compare your product or service to a positive experience.  For example — When I visit This Spa I feel the sensation of standing under the refreshing waterfall.  You propel the prospect to experience something exciting and pleasant.

Exaggeration — overstating a product or service’s quality can help drive home the point quickly!  This is a fun and interesting way to bring needed emphasis to what you are selling.

Being Real — by positioning your product or service as being authentic you can define your brand from the others.  It’s genuine — not an imitation, the real thing!  Original to a certain place like American made blue jeans!  First in class — you are a brand leader by being the first to do something.

Motivate — “Be all that you can be!” used by the US Army says it all!  It is inspirational, it becomes your coach, motivator, preacher and gets you off your butt to do something!

Tell it to Me Straight! — Find some interesting, little known facts about your product, service or profession and you have the basis for a great message!  Remember it takes research but will provide the necessary elements to distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

These are all strong positions that will help get your message through the sea of ads that are out there.  With some investigation you will be able to position your product or service in a way that is interesting and will get the attention it deserves.