Poster Marketing Strategies that Work!

Now you are thinking to yourself — what on earth are you talking about? I’m referring to posters — you know good old-fashioned ink on paper. These old school, somewhat antiquated throwbacks to yesteryear are nothing in comparison to the latest and greatest digitally designed masterpieces that snap, crackle and pop — right?

That maybe true — in some instances, however posters have power and if used properly they can also provide profit! Profit and lots of it! Posters are also affordable too! With the advent of digital printing you only need to print as many posters as you need without having to wall paper your garage with the leftovers. Are you starting to see the value? Wait — there’s more…

Think of using posters in places you would not expect — like a dental practice. All dental offices have waiting rooms for patients. How great — you have a captive audience with nothing but time. What if you had posters that referred to some services that you offer like teeth whitening, invisible braces, wedding parties and what ever service you want to share with your customers!

Clients come in for one service and see that you offer an entire range of services that they could also use. You sell them just by making them aware of what you do! This quick and easy revenue generator can be used in a variety of retail businesses!

Now you ask — that sounds great but how do I make these posters — I’m not an artist and do not possess the talent. Well that may be so but it does not have to stop you from marketing your business. Most posters have a main graphic followed by a headline and a logo.

With this in mind you should be off to the races. Images are easy to find … you can go online and search for ‘royalty free stock photography’ and this will lead you to a number of websites that sell stock photos. The great thing about them is they provide high quality professional photos at a great price! Enter your search criteria and find what you like. Caution — if you are using your photo to print a poster, always buy the highest resolution available, this will prevent the image from looking pixilated when it is printed.

Next come up with your headline. Keep it simple and concise. Then all you need is a logo and there you have it!

Posters will come in standard sizes. For professional settings I like the 11 x 17 option. It is large enough without being too big and is ideal to frame. You might consider framing them and changing the artwork out periodically.

Next, just hang them on the walls and now you will have personalized artwork and a more attractive space. Posters pack a punch with customers by sharing information about products and services you offer in a fun and engaging way.