Branding: A Common Sense Approach

I often hear from clients that they want their logo to be like the Nike logo.  In reality I think they want their logo to be recognized and identified with their product or service instantly like the Nike swoosh!

It would be nice — but for most of us it is unrealistic and unnecessary.  Remember — Nike is a global brand and employs departments of professionals that manage the brand and how it is used.  If you have those resources you do not need to read this post.

But for those of you who do not have the resources of the global brands pay attention.  I have summed up what I believe a brand is.  A brand is your “belief system” — it is what you stand for, how you treat a customer and each other, how you answer the phone to how you conduct yourself at an event.  How you respond to a problem and the quality of what you produce.  Your brand is who you are when no one is looking.  These values are what is associated with your name.

Nike, Apple, Mercedes Benz, Tiffany & Company, Walmart, Bounty, Crest and many other powerful brands evoke an image in your mind — that image is their brand and it can be powerful.  It helps people to decide to buy one product or service over another.  A brand separates one product from another.

When thinking about branding your business it is important to think about how what your brand touches — both internally and externally.  It is also important to get everyone in your organization to understand it and to be consistent in it’s implementation.

— behind the logo and identity system there is company, people and an experience you want every person that works with you to have.  Make it a good one.