Visual Learning Style – The Eyes Have It

Learning styles have a lot of influence on the way people consume messages.  They also change the way individuals recall information, and even the words they choose.

The Visual (Spatial) Learning Style

Those individuals that possess the visual style prefer using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information and communicate with others.  They can easily visualize objects, plans and outcomes in their mind’s eye.  Visual learners also have a good spatial sense, which gives them a good sense of direction. These types often find their way around using maps, and you rarely get lost.  When exiting an elevator they instinctively know which way to turn.

Common Pursuits and Phrases

Some pursuits that make the most use of the visual style are visual art, architecture, photography, video or film, design, planning (especially strategic), and navigation.

Visual learners may tend to use phrases like these:

  • Let’s look at it differently.
  • See how this works for you.
  • I can’t quite picture it.
  • Let’s draw a diagram or map.
  • I’d like to get a different perspective.
  • I never forget a face.

Learning and Techniques

A visual learning style uses images, pictures, color and other visual media to help them learn.  To get the biggest bang for your buck — incorporate much imagery into your visualizations.

Remember — visualization comes easily to these types.  This also means that marketers will have to keep their visual thinking caps on!

Use color, layout, and spatial organization in your associations, and use many ‘visual words’ in your assertions.  Examples include see, picture, perspective, visual, and map.

Use mind maps — A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information.  Use color and pictures in place of text, wherever possible

Diagrams can help these types visualize the links between parts of a system, for example major engine parts or the principle of sailing in equilibrium.  Replace words with pictures, and use color to highlight major and minor links.

Visual learners make up the majority of learning types.  Remember this when executing your next marketing campaign.  You may be surprised by the results.

Check back next time to explore more learning types.