Creative Brief – Organize Your Thinking in One Spot!

Creating an easy-to-use website for a growing medical practice can have its challenges for a busy medical staff.  Here is how we solved it!

We were tasked with designing a website for a family practice that needed to provide its patients with up-to-date information about their services, the necessary forms as well as key information about the changes in healthcare.  All this needed to happen without hiring any new staff or a consultant to update the site on a regular basis.

During our meeting with the client we identified the functionality the site was to provide.  Next we focused our attention on which staff members would be responsible to update the site.  Once we had this piece defined it was clear how we needed to design the site’s Content Management System or CMS.

Our focus then turned to how the site would look and feel.  To do this we met with key personnel and asked for input.  We compiled lists of likes, dislikes and sites they liked and why they chose them.  We recapped the items we discussed and we were on to the next phase — design.

We designed the look and feel of the pages and even shot photography — got input from the practice and made any necessary revisions.  Upon approval of the design we were off to the races!  This is where function meets style and it all comes together to give them the site they envisioned.

The final result is a website that is packed with information, is easy to navigate and is managed by the client!  A creative brief is a great place to start!  When projects go like this, everyone wins!