Auditory Learning Style – Are You Listening?

Learning styles have a lot of influence on the way people consume messages.  They also change the way individuals recall information, and even the words they choose.

The Aural (Auditory-Musical-Rhythmic) Learning Style

Individuals with the aural style like to work with sound and music.  They have a good sense of pitch and rhythm.  These types typically can sing, play a musical instrument, or identify the sounds of different instruments.  Certain music invokes strong emotions.  They notice the music playing in the background of movies, TV shows and other media.  Often they find themselves humming or tapping a song or jingle without prompting.

Common pursuits and phrases

Some pursuits that use the aural style are playing, conducting, or composing music, and sound engineering (mixing and audiovisual work).

Auditory Learning Styles may tend to use phrases like these:

  • That sounds about right.
  • That rings a bell.
  • It’s coming through loud and clear.
  • Tune in to what I’m saying
  • Clear as a bell.
  • That’s music to my ears.

Learning and techniques

An Auditory Learning uses sound, rhyme, and music in their learning.  Focus on using aural content in your association and visualization.

Remember — visualization comes easily to these types.  This also means that marketers will have to keep their visual thinking caps on!

It is important to use sound recordings to provide a background and help them get into visualizations.  For example, use a recording of the sound of wind and water when visualizing sailing maneuvers.  This will ensure they get what you are trying to communicate.

These individuals like rhythm and rhyme, or set them to a jingle or part of a song.

Aural thinkers feel with their ears.  Remember this when executing your next marketing campaign.  You may be surprised by the results.

Check back next time to explore more learning types.